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We bring you the latest tools from the sewing world! They are handy for all kind of projects, especially when they make techniques more efficient and they give the profesional touch you are looking for! Seam rippers, rotary cutters, markers, pins, glue pen…

  • Size 60X15 cm. With a non-slip treatment . Can be used in both dark and light fabrics. See also IDEAS PATCH PATCHWORK RULER  
  • Size 60X15Cm. With yellow marks that are easy to see in virtually every fabric and angles marks to make the perfect cut. Also marks in inches.
  • Large cones thread holder becomes very handy with big projects where the color of thread doesn't need to be changed. This adapter allows you to use large cone threads in your regular sewing machine. Perfect for quilting projects where lots of thread is used. Are you planning to use serger thread? Please read our recommendations below.  
  • This seam ripper will ocuppy a special place on your sewing table! Finally a seam ripper that helps you to remove all those tiny cut threads left in the fabric. Just cut thread as usual, then flip it over and remove threads with its unique tip! Only available in yellow.
  • Quickly cut thread with this seam ripper and then flip it over and remove threads with unique tip! Each seam ripper has a sharp blade, safety ball & lid. Specially formulated "rubbery" plastic tips grab and remove excess threads without marking or sticking to the fabric. Check also the big version: seam ripper  NOTE: Seam-Fix Mini seam rippers are available in pink, yellow, or purple. We will pick one for you. If you have a preference in color, please indicate the color you wish in the "order notes" on the checkout step.
  • Ideas&Patch rotary cutter 45mm. For both right and left-handers. Contains a straight blade but can also be used with zig zag blades. For better results, use together with Olfa or Ideas Patch rotary mats. Blade cover for safety. Please be aware that the blades are extremely sharp. Keep it away from children.
  • Whether you’re new to crafting or a pro, you’ll appreciate this Pink double sided ( cm and inches) OLFA® rotary mat. It not only protects your cutting surfaces, it protects the edges of rotary blades. The mat’s grid lines are designed for easy measuring and accurate cutting of straight lines and precise angles. - 1.5mm thick - Double-sided mat is solid pink and has white grid lines for detailed cutting. One side in inches and the other side in cm. - Self-healing finish reseals surface cuts, providing a continually smooth surface for all cutting projects. - Store flat and out of direct sunlight. For use only with rotary blades. See also: Olfa rotary cutter
  • This Ideas Patch  60X45cm/22x16in. rotary mat has a double-sided surface measuring in both inches and cm. Self-healing coating that reseals surface cuts. 30,60,45* angle marks for perfect cuts.
  • This OLFA® rotary cutter is ideal for medium to heavy-duty projects. It cuts up to six layers of thin materials. Perfect for: cutting strips and multiple layers at once. Cuts fabric, paper, tarp, vinyl, upholstery... This pack contains a high quality 45mm tungsten straight replacement blade. Durable straight handle Features a tungsten steel 45mm rotary blade. To be used on a rotary cutter mat like our OLFA pink  Blade cover for safety. For both right handers and left-handers. Please be aware that the blades are extremely sharp. Keep it away from children and always in the delivered protection case.
  • Six invisible strips ca.30 cm long and 0,5cm wide that sticks to your rulers and locks it in place when cutting. The strips are repositionable and leave no sticky residue. They can be cut to fit any size or shape of ruler template.
  • Make bias tape with the fabric of your own choice with this bias makers pack. Includes 5 different sizes: 6mm 9mm 12mm 18mm 25mm. Very easy to use, you simply feed one end of a fabric strip into the wide end of the tape maker. It helps if the end of the strip is cut at an angle.
  • It is a lightweight easy to use tool which allows you to install plastic snaps in seconds. Includes dies to use with 10-12-15mm snaps. Check the video below for instructions.
  • Handy rulers handle with 2 suction cups, great for steadying the ruler when using a rotary cutter.
  • Sale!
    Compact and light 400w steam iron. Can be used with or without the steam function. Ideal for needlework projects and handicraft. Voltage can be switched from 200V to 110V. With water reservoir. Makes a great addition to a crafty sewing room! European Plug 13x7cm
  • Size 3x30 cm. With yellow marks that are easy to see in virtually every fabric.
  • Size 10x45 cm. With yellow marks that are easy to see in virtually every fabric and angles marks to make the perfect cut.
  • World known Olfa rotary blades are made from high-quality tungsten steel that keeps the edge sharp and in shape. Reliable and recommended. Please be aware that the blades are extremely sharp. Keep it away from children and always in the delivered protection case.
  • This cool tool is a time saver and makes sewing much easier. Its a solid and strong glue stick that holds the fabric in place for sewing with only a small amount. The blue colored glue dries clear quick, no need for pins. Just run the glue pen along the fabric edge, hold the pieces together and you have a temporary bond. Very useful when placing zippers. Water soluble ( -- be aware that it will vanish when washed!---) and safe for most fabrics. Once glued, the fabric pieces can be pulled apart, so not to worry if they are misplaced or need to be adjusted. Refills available in blue yellow and pink sold separately.
  • These dressmaking scissors are 23cm (total length) with a blade of 11cm long. They are made from stainless steel and they have soft comfortable handles. They can be used for other craft purposes but here comes the rule number one of the seamstress: never use your fabric scissors to cut anything but fabric or they will become useless. No paper, no carton, no plastic, no interfacing, nothing.
  • Refills for your Sewline Water Soluble Fabric Glue Pen. Includes two glue pen refills in color BLUE Also available in yellow.
  • Trio Colors comes with 3 colored lead pencil points – white, pink and black. Just turn the barrel to select your color. The ceramic leads glide smoothly over fabric, leaving a nice clean line with no chalky residue. The special grip means it’s comfortable to use with good control. When you wish to remove the marks, simply use a polymer eraser ( there is a small one under the lid) or the Sewline Aqua eraser. Convenient lead refill packs are available in white, green, pink, black and a variety pack. Tip: Only press lightly when marking with ceramic leads to ensure easy removal. Always patch test.
  • The Sewline DUO marker gives clean, clear lines with an even flow onto the fabric and without bleeding or penetrating into the fabric layers. It contains a non-toxic ‘antidote’ so when you guide the chisel point over the marks they simply evaporate away. This Sewline ink is breakthrough technology. Tested to ensure that once erased, marks will not reappear. Importantly, when marks are understitching and have been for many months, they will still cleanly erase.
  • This Pen set is perfect for marking on fabrics for any sewing project. The pack contains a blue ink pen - to be used in light colored fabrics- and a white ink pen - perfect for marking dark colored fabrics where the blue ink would be invisible. It can be easily erased with water, damp cloth or sponge. ALWAYS test first marking pens on fabric. Do not iron on marks or you might make them permanent! I also recommend to always launder the fabrics/project afterward to ensure that the marks won't come back --> valid for all types of water-soluble markers. Don't use if your project contains non-washable fabrics.