Should I wash the fabrics before sewing?

/Should I wash the fabrics before sewing?

Should I wash the fabrics before sewing?

Yes! We know that you would love to start a.s.a.p. with your lovely project but we highly recommend you to pre wash to avoid shrinkage and color fade. We work with quality fabrics to assure minimum impact when washing but due to the different laundry programs and treatments we are not responsible for the effect that washing has in your project.
Almost all fabrics need to be laundered in the same manner that you plan to launder your project once it’s finished. You can skip pre-washing for 100% polyester fabrics (polar, fleece, minky, vinyl…) , Cotton + Steel fabrics ( they use reactive dyes and therefore colors are stable and won’t release any excess of dye) and, of course, if you will never launder the item.

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