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Do you live in The Netherlands and you have a small business with handmade clothes and/or accessories?

We know that it is not easy to run a small – batch business. We believe in small brands and the short manufacturer – to – consumer journey that smaller business usually have, giving transparency in the materials and uniqueness in the products you create!

We know the risk and challenges inherent to having your small “own thing”. From Nanaai, we would like to contribute our grain of sand and help small business by offering a 5% discount in your shopping cart.

To benefit from our maker-for-maker policy, you will only need to register in our online shop as a customer and send us an email to, providing an active KVK number and a little description of your products.  Once verified, you will receive your personal* CODE with  5% discount in all products of the shop ( sales included)  to keep creating pretty things!




*Discount is personal non-transferable. It can only be used with the indicated verified e-mail and account.

LET´S FIGHT COVID19 TOGETHER! 15% discount** using the code BLIJFTHUIS - FREE SHIPPING IN GRONINGEN CITY ( Select local pickup @NANAAI during checkout) **Not valid for HEARTMADE purchases