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Rico Design pipping ribbon to give your projects the perfect final touch! 9 stunning colors. 100%COTTON   For more information check the product description below.

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Rico Design pipping ribbon to give your projects the perfect final touch! 9 stunning colors.


How to sew:

Piping Ribbon is very easy to sew. However, you need to be careful and sew it slowly for best results. It can sometimes be tricky! This is ready- to -use piping. Ribbon piping can be easily homemade if you can’t find the right color or you want to use the same fabric. Just make sure you cut your fabric in ” bias” and use cord to create the piping effect.  

  • To be sewn, place the ribbon facing the right side of the fabric and pin the piping around the edges that you want to pipe. Make sure that the raw edge of the piping is aligned with the raw edge of the fabric. TIP: use our glue pen, it makes it much easier!


  • If you are piping the perimeter of an item, leave the last 2.5 cm from both sides unpinned. This will allow you to join them together nicely and trim the rest.


  • Sewing curves and/or corners? just as you would do with bias, cutting a V shape in the corners and curves will help you to lay the fabric flat and make a nice and neat stitch.


  • Baste the piping to the fabric using a straight and long stitch as close to the original stitching line as you can. You might want to use coordinated color thread or use our invisible thread to avoid mistakes to be seen 🙂


  • Pin and sew the second piece of fabric on top, with right side down. It would help if you turn it around and sew in upside down, this will allow you to see the previous basting stitch. Just sew inside those lines.


  • Trim the seams and turn your project right side out. Now you can admire your piece of art 🙂



You don’t see it clear? Contact us via any of our contact channels and we will help you!    Rico Design is a leading wholesaler of arts, hard crafts and textile handicrafts in Europe with approximately 150 employees at its offices in Brakel, Westfalen. Since its founding in 1974 by Franz Jacoby, the product range has continually been expanded with innovative, creative ideas from the in-house atelier. Want to have them all? Check all colors here