Coil Zippers closed end – not separable. 20Cm, 35cm or 50cm.

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Polyester zippers are the most common type of zippers and are lightweight, heat resistant, and rustproof. Therefore, they last long and work great in whatever product they are used! Enjoy them in 16 stunning colors and 3 different sizes: 20cm 35 and 50cm.

Zippers are a very important part of our projects. They are easy to install and versatile, allowing you to customize your item as you want! But you do want to use reliable zippers that won’t let you down after spending 42843 hours working on that lovely project… right?

Our zippers are manufactured in Spain. Headquartered in Barcelona, Kreband provides high quality and modern zippers to sectors like garment, upholstery, suitcases, bags and especially for the footwear market.

We have selected 16 trendy colors of their color card to make the perfect match for your project. However, we know that it can be tricky sometimes so don’t hesitate to ask if you need some color advice.

Handy information:

– Zippers are not scary.

– Zipper size is measured from the top stop to the bottom stop.

– Zippers can be cut, meaning that( if the project allows) you may want to buy a bigger zipper to make sure its long enough and cut the excess.

– You can also create zipper tabs ( if the project allows) to lengthen the zipper in case yours is too short.

– You will need the zipper foot from your sewing machine ( usually comes with the machine).

– If you are a beginner sewist (or not), you may want to use the special washable glue pen or clips to hold pieces in place. It works great! –> I don’t recommend to use regular glue in this case because the needle gets sticky and doesn’t give nice stitches that will ruin the installation of the zipper and your patience <–

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20CM, 35CM, 50CM