The day finally arrived! We are on air! Welcome to our little world of colors and textures. This is my very first post on a blog (ever!) and lately, we are experiencing a lot of “firsts times” so I’m very excited that this is actually happening.

First of all, I would love to apologize in advance for the spelling and grammar mistakes you will find in my texts. As many of you know, I come from Spain but I live in the Netherlands. My daily language is a mix of all these three languages that in the end, it ends up in not knowing how to speak properly any of them.

But this doesn’t affect my will to communicate and, believe me, I have a head full of ideas popping up all day that need to come out somehow J Like many of you who are starting an adventure, the idea of NANAAI has been around for a long time. I have been following sewing blogs since I started to sew and I am very happy to be now on the other side and I really hope to be able to transmit all those ideas and my passion for creative sewing and the benefits that this entails.

I firmly believe (and it has been proven) that crafting is the best medicine. It stimulates the brain, it exercises memory and it helps against cognitive impairment but not only that, crafting have a lot of emotional benefits!!

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced seamstress, you might agree with me that the state of flow and concentration that you reach when you are sewing (or creating)  disconnects you completely from problems and stops the course of thoughts giving you a break and getting a feeling of relaxation. How about the satisfaction when you finish your project and it looks so professional that people are surprised that you made it yourself? That helps your self-esteem and self-confidence. That makes you feel good and that’s what’s all about. So believe me when I say that crafting is cheaper than therapy ( or not, that’s up to you J )  and start creating.

Another thing I love about sewing is sewing for my beloved ones. When you sew for somebody you are infusing all your love in that product and this creates a very intimate connection with that person.  Let me explain this a bit better:  when you gift handmade you are not only giving an object. You are giving love. You are telling that person that you care about them, that you chose that fabric thinking of them and that the time you spend in the project was with them in your thoughts. But not only that, it means that every time that person uses or stares at your gift, you will be the one occupying their thoughts and that’s the special connection you create.

Enjoy the creative process and have fun! You can find lots of inspirational projects on Pinterest and we would love to see your creations with our fabrics by using the hashtag #sewingwithnanaai.

Happy stitching!


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